The Meal Delivery System

‘Tablet distribution’ system is a modern system of meals distribution. The idea of the system is that a tray with individual portions for every client is formed at the distribution line at the kitchen. Delivery to every department is carried out inside special trolleys that maintain both heating mode for hot dishes and cooling mode for cold ones at the same time. Used dishes are delivered back in the same trolley and are processed in a conveyor dishwasher.


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This system is unique, as during the delivery each of the dishes keeps its individual temperature. The tray with a ready-made breakfast, lunch or dinner is formed at the kitchen and looks the same way it would be delivered to the patient – this excludes any casualties that may happen to food during delivery.

The advantages of the system:


- A tray with the individual portion is formed at the distribution conveyor belt and is charged directly into the trolley – this excludes additional manipulations with food during the distribution process, thus providing maximum hygiene;


- Differential nutrition system allows to form individual trays for patients with various dietary requirements and preferences (especially in clinics that require several types of diets);


- Specialized dishware is designed especially for tablet distribution system and is manufactured of durable china and thermoplastic. It includes covers both for deep and flat plates to prevent food from spilling which ensures cleanliness and hygiene of trays and trolleys;


- Trolley maintains cold and hot temperatures for a long time, thus food is delivered to the patient keeping the initial temperature;


- Control over food portioning is stricter, as portioning process for all dishes is carried out at the same place;


- Trolleys with low energy consumption (single phase, 230 V) reduce energy expenses;


- Medical departments don’t request separate canteen and dishwashing spaces; this reduces the space of each department by 40-60 sq.m.

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Kitchen and distribution line equipment


Apart from organization of tablet distribution system we fully equip kitchens and distribution lines (including equipment for meal portioning) offering the most modern product lines – both from Russia and abroad.


These are some of the equipment types that we provide:


- Conveyor belts for tray charging;

- Banquet trolleys;

- Stoves, ovens and peripheral professional cooking equipment;

- Food warmers and heated pots;

- Conveyor dishwashers;

- Laundry equipment

and many other products that are indispensable for daily functioning of your clinic.