Navigation system for interventional radiology and minimally invasive surgery SIRIO

Navigation system for minimally invasive interventions under CT-control with insertion of a needle or any other surgical instrument with a diameter of 7-21 G. The system may be used for a number of procedures, such as biopsies, ablations of various types, vertebroplastics, medicine administration etc.

SIRIO is a medical device which is created to simplify the procedure of minimally invasive surgical intervention. The main application field of SIRIO is thorax, kidneys and adrenal glands, bones and vertebral column. Basing on the CT-scansions the system recreates 2D and 3D models of the operational region. Due to the exact visualisation of the involved field and the instrument projection to the screen the surgeon can decide the exact trajectory of the needle insertion with ultimate precision and speed, following the needle movement at the screen in real time. Scientific research has proven that SIRIO usage cuts both the intervention time and the number CT-scans by 40%. Among other advantages of the system there is reduction of post-procedure complications (pneumothorax) and possibility to treat minor lesions (sized less than 1 mm).

As a rule any percutaneous procedure involving non-flexible or partly flexible instruments with a diameter of 7-21 G can be conducted under SIRIO control. 


SIRIO may be used in the following procedures:

  • biopsy
  • thermoablation
  • crioablation
  • vertebroplasty
  • drugs infusion
  • drainage
  • fluids’aspiration
  • deep vessel access
  • disc nucleoplasty
  • epidural injection
  • infiltration in the vertebral interapophyseal joints