Simulation equipment


Simulation equipment for the training of medical personnel and fire stations, emergency, police, military services, professional drivers for all those who are on duty may face emergency care.

Computer trainers, simulators, phantoms, dummies and robots are designed to teach high-technology methods of diagnosis and treatment, increase the effectiveness of the training of doctors to new methods and new procedures in an already practiced techniques.

These products are designed to help learn the different skills, performing medical procedures and research first aid, basic resuscitation skills.




Educational Products grouped by medical specialty:

• Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

• Surgery and Laparoscopy

• Eye diseases

• Neonatology and Pediatrics

• Dentistry

• First aid, military medicine

• Nursing

• Endoscopy

• Obstetrics and Gynecology

• Urology and Endourology

• Internal Medicine

• Angiography and arthroscopy

The company Alfamed is representative of Virtumed company. By selling featured products from leading manufacturers with the presence of all necessary certificates and supporting documents.


AlfaMed represents innovations in simulation equipment and technology in 20 specialties.


Computer simulators, simulators, phantoms, mannequins and robots are designed to teach high-tech methods of diagnosis and treatment.


The benefits of simulation training.

The development of practical skills, the creation of an integrated clinical thinking and actions of complex algorithms in different clinical situations. We provide simple anatomical models, medical simulators and mannequins and advanced virtual simulators and robotic patients as well


- LapSim


The development of practical skills for beginners and experienced endosurgeries. Virtual endosurgical operations.


- Artro VR


Educational system for the development of skills of arthroscopy in virtual space, as well as variety of knee and shoulder joint phantoms for training and for development of practical  skills in the arthroscopy.


- UltraSim


The first virtual simulation system of ultrasonic diagnostic in the world.


- Endo VR


For development of practical skills in intraluminal endoscopy- enables bronchoscopy, endosonography, esophagoscopy, duodenoscopy, colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy, ERCP simulation.


- CAVEman


The detailed 3D- model of human body can be used in planning complex operations or  showing  patients the treatment process in time. For the study of human anatomy.


- BabySim


For practical skills in neonatology and pediatrics: virtual simulators, robots- simulators and simulators- mannequins. The development of clinical thinking in pediatric practice and development of team- work of the medical team.


- Dental Simulator


It is a virtual dental simulator for development of practical skills in dentistry. We also offer dummy and models for testing individual skills.




It is a unique virtual simulator of the ENT- surgery, having no analogues in the world. The simulated tissues interact with tools,  that allows to work out surgical intervention on the ENT organs on the screen in  virtual reality.




All-Russian public organization "Russian Society of simulation training in medicine." AlfaMed company is a member of ROSOMED. ROSOMED is a society of like-minded enthusiasts of simulation technology in medical education, bringing together experts in the given branch. ROSOMED 2013 in Moscow on 26- 27 September