Rehabilitation platform VirtualRehab

  VirtualRehab is an innovative platform for rehabilitation that uses videogame technology in addition to traditional therapeutic methods.

  It uses motion capture technology which transforms boring and stressful rehabilitation process into a breathtaking game. Patients can use a stimulating rehabilitation computer program both in a clinic and at home.


  VirtualRehab has been created with the help of leading European neurologists and therapeuts. This system has been created for rehabilitation of both adults and children with neurological and physiological disorders, like:

- Acquired brain damages

- Neurodegenerative diseases

- Neuromuscular diseases

- Geriatry (motional activity of the elderly).




  Therapeutic exercises and games as a part of physiotherapy process are created for motivating the patients and helping them maintain an elevated level of physical functioning and cognitive independence. VirtualRehab gives the doctor an opportunity to give the precise number of repetitions needed for the state of the patient.

  The VirtualRehab package includes an easy-to-use program that helps to program individual sessions for every patient’s needs. All information on the sessions completed is stored in database that gives an opportunity to analyse the patient’s dynamics within the treatment time.

  VirtualRehab Body  is a set of exercises and games created for restoring upper and lower limbs motorics in course of treatment of various diseases. Thanks to highly motivating games the system improves such parameters as balance, weight transfer, durability, force etc.  The technology of Microsoft Kinect helps to tract whole body movement without additional sensors attached to the patient which excludes the movement limitation.




  VirtualRehab Hands is created to develop ad rehabilitate hand fine motor skills as well as visual-motor coordination, speed of reaction and attention keeping. Leap Motion is an innovative miniature sensor created to track palm and finger movement converting it into specific signals. VirtualRehab Hands is installed quickly and easily by connecting Leap Motion device to PC or laptop and setting an Arm support created to make the exercises comfortable.