3B Scientific - simulation equipment

  3B Scientific is an international group of companies specializing in manufacturing of demonstration and training equipment used in medical, biological, chemical, geographical and geological studies. 3B Scientific® as a brand is represented in more than 100 countries worldwide.



  In particular, 3B Scientific® Medical product line includes:

  - Anatomic models: all organs and body parts manufactured of artificial materials (skull, skeleton, internal organs models etc.) Used for general education, specialized medical education, medical instruction.


  - Medical simulators: needed to develop practical skills of medical treatment. Used for training of students in medical colleges and universities, skills upgrade for medical specialists, training of specialized social workers (firemen, military workers, police etc.), in general education schools (e.g. CPR simulators within Health and Safety course).



  - Medical and anatomic posters: demonstration both of normal anatomy and human pathologies and diseases. Used for medical education.





  3B Scientific product development unit is based only in Germany. High quality standards are guaranteed by constant and strict quality check. 3B Scientific has been holding a DIN EN ISO 9001 Certificate since 2000 with re-registration done in 2009. In 2004 3B Scientific has been one of the first companies to join the Worlddidac Quality Charter.


  Potential clients

  3B Scientific products are widely used by general schools, professional colleges and universities, healthcare and educational administrations, private and state clinics, medical doctors, medical distributors, pharmaceutical manufacturers.



  See attached the current catalogue of 3B Scientific products (in Russian).

  If needed after product delivery 3B Scientific product managers conduct a training session on equipment usage. There is an option of training video shooting as well:



  You can check out other training videos at our YouTube channel